Sol de la Humanidad

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Tituló: Sol de la Humanidad

Año: 2019

Técnica: fundición de vidrio, base de madera

Dimensiones: 26 x 18 cm

Pieza Única

Firmada: en la base de madera

Ha sido expuesta:

Ucrania, Jarkov, galeria “Buzok”

Exposición “Trypilski kazky”

Donostia San Sebastian.

Impactazoka, Tabakalera Donostia


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This relief represents the oldest image of the sun, which mankind worshiped since eternity. What does this image mean to us now?

This is an attempt to look at this being with modern eyes, radiating the light. In some mysterious way, we have the ability to feel the light in others. Maybe this is because we would like to have a little ourselves. You can’t touch the light. And the light that emanates from human being is even greater. But nevertheless it exists, this subtle light fills everything. Not necessarily we see this light, but the main thing is to feel it.

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Dimensiones 26 × 18 cm


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